We Open up New Perspectives and Are Committed to Education and Social Welfare

As a family-run Group with a sustainable strategy, future generations have always been a key concern for us. The same is true for both our foundations, which are involved in the areas of youth, education, and social welfare. In close collaboration with education providers and local authorities, they implement projects today that lay the foundations for the well-being of future generations tomorrow.

Hans Furler Foundation

Empowered Young People for a Strong Europe

Founded in 1978, the foundation acts entirely in the spirit of its namesake, Hans Furler (1904–1975), grandfather of our current CEO Kai Furler. Throughout his life, the CDU politician championed European understanding and German reunification and was the first German to be elected as President of the European Parliament in 1960. With a view to reinforcing the European idea among the general public, the foundation is actively involved in youth and education - with initiatives, such as awarding the Hans Furler Prize to school pupils in Oberkirch, organizing foreign trips and school exchanges, and offering language diplomas. Its activities focus on promoting an understanding beyond national borders, openness, and tolerance.

August Koehler Foundation

Progress through Education

The August Koehler Foundation was established in 2007 to mark Koehler Paper’s 200th anniversary and to promote social and educational projects in Oberkirch and the surrounding area. Ranging from data centers for pupils, multimedia classrooms, and IT courses to LEGO workshops, playing fields, and music workshops, the August Koehler Foundation supports extracurricular projects beyond the remit of education. By involving students, trainees, teachers, and education providers, these initiatives are always designed with long-term personal development and sustainable talent development in mind.

At the Koehler Group, corporate activity cannot be separated from social responsibility.

At the Koehler Group, corporate activity cannot be separated from social responsibility.

Kai Furler


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