A Colorful Partnership: Koehler Paper and Ebro Color Bring Creativity and Quality to the Packaging Industry

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Koehler Paper and Ebro Color are joining forces to create high-quality packaging solutions. The Koehler Paper site in the Thuringian town of Greiz offers high-quality recycled paper made from 100% secondary fiber material. Ebro Color produces high-quality product packaging and gift boxes using paper supplied by Koehler Paper. The partnership takes advantage of the synergies in the packaging industry and the importance of high-quality colorful card packaging for product presentation.

In a world where packaging has a significant influence on the overall impression of a product, Koehler Paper and Ebro Color have entered into a partnership based on trust and driven by quality and originality. Koehler Paper, part of the Koehler Group, produces high-quality recycled paper from 100% secondary fiber material at its Greiz site in Thuringia. The paper not only boasts the “Blue Angel” and EU ecolabels, but also stands out thanks to its quality and natural feel. It is a sustainable alternative for use in product packaging, with no compromises made in terms of quality, reliability, or appearance. Christoph Braun, Sales Manager at Koehler Paper, remarks: “There is a clear trend when it comes to packaging material options. Paper scores points right across the board and is becoming an increasingly important factor in consumer decisions.” The recycled paper can be disposed of as wastepaper after use.

Ebro Color Chooses Recycled Paper from Koehler Paper for Its High-Quality Folding Boxes

Ebro Color, a highly regarded company in the packaging industry, specializes in the manufacture of product packaging “made in Germany,” and in particular high-quality folding boxes for consumer goods. The collaboration between the companies is an impressive demonstration of the potential synergies in the packaging industry. Koehler Paper supplies high-quality colored card in a variety of colors and qualities. Ebro Color then uses this high-quality recycled paper to produce its packaging. As well as being functional, Ebro Color’s colorful and environmentally friendly packaging is aesthetically pleasing and ensures that its customers’ products are presented in the best light. Colored cardboard boxes are a cut above the conventional boxes seen on shelves. “Ebro Color is known for delivering high-quality, colorful, sustainable packaging solutions that catch customers’ attention. The partnership with Koehler Paper demonstrates how high-quality, colored recycled paper can enrich the packaging industry and improve the customer experience,” says Simon Brodbeck, Managing Director of Ebro Color.