A Pillar of the Koehler Group for 25 Years: Koehler Paper Site in Greiz, Thuringia Celebrates Its Success Story

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The Koehler Paper factory in Greiz has been part of the Koehler Group for 25 years, producing high-quality colored recycled paper and cardboard. A celebration was organized at the Greiz site to mark the anniversary, with invitations extended to current and former employees and their families, as well as business partners and representatives from the worlds of politics and industry.

Wolfgang Furler, Supervisory Board Chairman of the Koehler Group, Klaus Furler, Deputy Supervisory Board Chairman of the Koehler Group, and Frank Lendowski, Finance and Administration Director of the Koehler Group, welcomed the 500 guests and reflected on the history of the site. “When we look at the Koehler Paper site in Greiz today, we can see a site that has integrated very well into the Group. We have created synergies that are now valuable for many areas of the Group. The topic of circular economy is becoming increasingly important and, with its focus on recycled paper, Greiz has thus developed into a strategically important site,” stressed Frank Lendowski in his speech. “First and foremost, we owe our gratitude for this success story to our colleagues and their tireless work ethic. Their knowledge and experience are invaluable to Koehler,” sums up Udo Hollbach, Managing Director of the Koehler Greiz GmbH & Co. KG. “We would also like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our suppliers and service providers for working with us in a spirit of trust and cooperation over the last few years.” In his speech, Udo Hollbach also made special mention of support from the world of politics – locally in Greiz, as well as from the federal state – which has enabled Koehler to succeed in Thuringia.

High-quality recycled paper for the craft and office market, as well as high-quality packaging and printed products are manufactured in Greiz

The success story of the Greiz site under the Koehler flag began in 1998, when Koehler acquired a majority shareholding in the Greiz factory of Dresden Papier AG, as well as the majority of Papierfabrik Euler, and established Euler Greiz GmbH & Co. KG as a subsidiary of Bensheim-based Euler Papierfabrik in Greiz. On September 1, 1998, Koehler and Euler Papierfabrik took over the site in Greiz, which had roughly 100 employees. This was followed by extensive investment measures, allowing the company to switch from producing testliners to high-quality colored office and specialty card made from 100 percent waste paper. Since the takeover in 1998, the Koehler Paper site in Greiz has been synonymous with high-quality recycled paper made from 100% secondary fiber material. Over the last 25 years, the company has evolved into a leading manufacturer of recycled paper for the craft and office market, as well as high-quality recycled packaging and printed products. Since the takeover, the Koehler Group has invested roughly 56 million euros in the Greiz site, most recently around 8 million euros in converting the power station to the use of biomass for fuel.