Extension of Wastewater Treatment Plant at Koehler Paper in Kehl

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Beginning of this year, the construction work on the wastewater treatment plant at the Koehler Paper site in Kehl was finally concluded after 18 months. The plant needed to be expanded due to the construction and commissioning of Production Line 8 in 2019, which resulted in an increase in wastewater volume.

As a temporary solution, Koehler Paper had to divert some of its wastewater to the municipal treatment plant in Auenheim. To ensure that all production water can be treated in-house at the Kehl site, new tanks and sand filter systems were installed. In addition, some of the existing tanks were modified during ongoing operation to make sure that there was no disruption to the production process. Once the construction work was complete, it was possible to stop diverting production water to the Auenheim treatment plant as planned.

As a result, the treated production water can be reintroduced into the natural water cycle in its entirety. The renovation project thereby makes an important contribution to achieving our sustainability goals in the area of resource efficiency. To this end, Koehler is constantly trying to optimize material flows in terms of circular utilization and minimize its impact on the environment.