FDP politicians visit Koehler Paper plant in Greiz

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Dirk Bergner, Vice President of the Thuringian State Parliament and Deputy State Chairman of the FDP Thuringia, visited Koehler Paper’s Greiz site together with Torsten Herbst, leader of the FDP’s national parliamentary group, Nico Tippelt, Member of the German Bundestag and William Schlosser, Officer for Infrastructure, Agriculture and Forestry.

Accompanied by Udo Hollbach, CEO of Koehler Paper's Greiz site, and Holger Palm, Plant Manager at Greiz, the visitors found out about the progress of decarbonization at the Koehler site in Thuringia among other things. Koehler Paper currently employs approximately 130 staff at its Greiz site, which has been part of the Koehler Group since 1998. The site produces high-quality recycling papers using 100% secondary fiber material.


Dirk Bergner seemed enthusiastic as he took a tour of the premises: “I am impressed by Koehler’s sustainable strategy and entrepreneurial vision.“ The Vice President of the Thuringian State Parliament and Torsten Herbst, Nico Tippelt, William Schlosser and Daniela Hommel-Kreißl were able to get an impression of the production process. In addition to first-class paper recycling, the plant also uses advanced color technology that allows high-grade recycled paper with an unparalleled range of colors to be produced.


Power plant conversion with a focus on sustainability

For the Koehler Group, the topic of sustainability is tremendously important. As a family enterprise, the company pursues long-term goals in the spirit of innovation. As large volumes of energy are needed for paper processing and drying, the company started up its own combined heat and power plant at the Greiz site in 2010. It has a rated thermal input of 16.7 MW and generates up to 19 metric tons of steam according to demand, as well as electricity to supply the production plant.


The Greiz site will be switching its power plant from pulverized lignite to wood fine fraction fuel in early 2023. This is part of the Group’s climate strategy, within which Koehler has set itself the goal of producing more energy with its own renewable energy facilities from renewable sources than is required for its paper production operations by 2030. The switch will save more than 24,000 metric tons of CO₂ emissions per year at the Greiz site. The Koehler Group is investing EUR 7.6 million for the entire plant conversion project.