Koehler Group Celebrates Trainees

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In September, seven trainees and one work-study student completed their professional training and a further seven employees completed their professional advancement qualifications with Koehler. Training and development is a top priority for the Koehler Group. Koehler provides training for over 90 apprentices and students at four sites in Germany before offering them high-quality, personalized entry-level career opportunities. In total, more than 1000 people take advantage of a wide range of training opportunities each year. There are currently around 25 employees pursuing an advancement qualification. Stefan Grözinger, Head of Training and Development, Joachim Uhl, Mill Director at the Kehl site, and the graduates’ immediate supervisors were in attendance to honor their achievements.

Trainees presented with their transcripts and Koehler certificate

A small ceremony was held to honor those who had passed their exams at Koehler, with representatives of the training, mill and general production management teams in attendance. During the ceremony, each of the graduates was presented with their transcript plus a Koehler certificate made from hand-crafted paper. “We would like to thank the graduates for their dedication and perseverance. Now they can apply what they have learned in their day-to-day work. Once again this year, they have been able to reach a very high standard,” explains Stefan Grözinger, Head of Training and Development. Prizewinners with outstanding achievements were also among those honored.

Koehler was delighted to congratulate the following work-study students on completing their training: Ann-Sophie Ihle (Bachelor of Science in Commercial Informatics), Denis Klepek (Electronics Technician), David Vogt (Industrial Mechanic), Thibaut Richling (Paper Technologist), Alexander Skardov (Paper Technologist), Noah Schröder (Paper Technologist), Paul Lukianov (Paper Technologist), Sebastian Tyl (Paper Technologist).

Koehler also congratulated the following graduates on successfully completing their professional advancement training: Dennis Kopf (Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration), Patrick Sastalla (Industrial Supervisor in Paper Manufacture), Tobias Schappacher (Industrial Supervisor in Paper Manufacture), Nils Vogler (Industrial Supervisor in Paper Manufacture), Jannik Wohlschlegel (Paper Technologist, Distance Learning), Alexander Mompas (Paper Technologist, Distance Learning), and Ralf Streif (Industrial Supervisor in Paper Manufacture).