Koehler Group Proud Home to Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Best in Chamber, Best in State, and Best in Germany

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Some 3,900 graduates across 126 traineeships were celebrated at this year’s IHK graduation ceremony. This year, 18 Bests in State came from the region covered by the Southern Upper Rhine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Five were also Best in Germany in their fields, and were honored on December 11 in Berlin alongside their fellow Bests in Germany. This year the Koehler Group was delighted to congratulate a total of 16 trainees and one dual student as they graduated from eight different traineeships. Moreover, the company is proud to have one Best in Chamber and one joint Best in State and Best in Germany among the graduates.

Best in Chamber and Best in State and Germany Completed Their Traineeships at Koehler

Young talent from within its own ranks is invaluable to the Koehler Group. Denis Klepek, Graduate from the Traineeship for Electronics Technicians Specializing in Industrial Applications, was awarded Best in Chamber at the IHK celebrations with an exceptional mark of 96 out of 100. Nico Kirn, Graduate from the Paper Technologist Traineeship, has been honored for his outstanding performance both as Best in State from the region covered by the Southern Upper Rhine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as Best in Germany. Neither would hesitate to do a traineeship at Koehler again. “Koehler didn’t just give me fantastic training; it’s also enabled me to take my first steps towards my future career. I learn something new every day and I’d like to expand and fine-tune my knowledge so I can put it into practice,” says Nico Kirn.
At the ceremony the IHK awarded each of the graduates a gift certificate and an entry ticket to Europa-Park, donated by the Park’s owners, the Mack family. As Best in Germany, Niko Kirn also received a travel allowance for his trip to Berlin. The ceremony opened and closed with a vibrant show of dancing, acrobatics, and escapology. Since completing his training, Nico Kirn has been employed at Koehler Paper on paper machine 3 at the Oberkirch factory. He is extremely appreciative of the fact that he gained insights into a variety of areas during his training, the accompanying seminars, and also the excellent support he received from the company. For him, the icing on the cake was attending the ceremony in Berlin as Best in Germany, and having achieved his goal of being one of the top graduates. “It’s not every year that the Best in Chamber for the region covered by the Southern Upper Rhine Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of our own. We are extremely proud of Denis and Nico’s impressive performance and thank them for their special commitment to their training. We will be delighted to support them in developing their skills further at Koehler,” says Stefan Grözinger, Head of Training and Development at the Koehler Group.