Koehler Group Supports the Baden-Württemberg State Firefighters’ Days in Kehl

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The Koehler Group supported this year's event and attended with its own fire truck belonging to the company fire brigade in Kehl. Attendees got the chance to learn more about the unique history of the oldest company fire brigade in the Ortenau region, as well as about what it is like to work for Koehler in Kehl.

Meet the First Ever Company Fire Brigade in the Ortenau Region

Joachim Uhl, mill director of the Koehler Paper site in Kehl, was delighted by the response to the event: “It was great to be able to impress visitors with our very well-trained company fire brigade and give them all a little more insight into the fascinating world of Koehler.” Above all, Uhl also emphasized the enthusiasm and commitment that the members of the company fire brigade bring to the table. The family company was particularly keen on attracting potential future employees, as people who are firefighters themselves or are interested in firefighting tend to have an affinity for technical careers, too.

The Koehler Group founded the first ever company fire brigade in the Ortenau region in 1922. The task of the 150 people who are currently part of the forces at the Oberkirch and Kehl sites is to provide 24/7 emergency assistance. This includes protecting employees as well as safeguarding the paper produc-tion facilities themselves. Environmental protection drills and operations as well as technical assistance are also growing in importance.

Comprehensive Training of Company Firefighters Guarantees High Quality

The Koehler company firefighters are trained to an extremely high level. Anyone who wishes to join the company fire brigade must undergo a comprehensive training program. The mandatory part of the program covers basic training, voice radio operator training, respiratory equipment carrier training, heat training, and the bronze achievement badge. This is followed by part two of the fire officer training, then finally fire captain training.

The camaraderie between firefighters often lasts a lifetime and is what binds a brigade together. Whether it’s saving people or fighting fires, every operation comes down to the wire. That bolsters team spirit and forges strong bonds between firefighters. This camaraderie is also a particularly prominent feature of the Koehler fire brigade. In addition to carrying out operations, drills, and training and earning achievement badges, the members of the brigade also regularly meet off-duty. Vibrant exchanges are also held with the local fire brigades in the municipalities and cities adjacent to the Koehler sites, including with regard to regular drills.