Koehler Paper and HDG-Verpackungsmaschinen present their newly developed »Pressure-Seal-Module« and flexible packaging paper

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The long-term collaboration between Koehler Paper and HDG-Verpackungsmaschinen has resulted in a new innovation: For the first time, paper bags can now be produced and filled on horizontal form-fill-seal machines using the "pressure seal module" for the RB-300 HDG packing machine and the specially developed "NexPlus MC" packaging paper from Koehler Paper, which features high mechanical strength and no sealing layer.

Possible formats are 3-edge sealing bags, folding flat-bottom bags (fully sealed) and double bags with a bag length of up to 250 mm and a width of at least 50 mm. The new packaging option can be used for all products that do not require an additional barrier, as well as for secondary packaging of dry products. "Sustainable, recyclable packaging solutions made of 100% paper can now be produced using the new pressure seal module for packaging machines and our flexible "NexPlus MC" packaging paper, which does not require a sealing layer," explains Yevgen Zolotkovski, sales manager for flexible packaging paper at Koehler Paper, when describing the advantages of the new development. Marcus Behrens, managing director at HDG-Verpackungsmaschinen, adds: "The savings potential is enormous: Material costs drop significantly since no polymer layer is required for sealing, and we have achieved energy savings of 34% during production because hot sealing tools are not needed."


With the NexFlex® product range, Koehler Paper has developed a unique and 100 per cent recyclable generation of flexible packaging papers. The aim here is to replace plastic in packaging by using so-called barrier paper wherever possible. The next generation of papers for flexible packaging are sustainable barrier papers with functional surfaces for product-specific protection (Koehler NexPlus®). Various flexible packaging papers from Koehler Paper were awarded a score of 19 out of a possible 20 points by the environmental service provider Interseroh, along with the ‘Made for Recycling’ seal.