Virtual 360° Tour Provides a Glimpse into the State-of-the-Art Production Line 8 at Koehler Paper’s Kehl Site

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Koehler Paper is now offering the chance to take a look behind the scenes of its paper production facility in Kehl and learn more about one of the region’s largest employers in the process. Koehler’s interactive, virtual 360° tour allows visitors to look around and experience the paper production facility for themselves.

Tour offers exclusive insights and interesting facts

“With the virtual 360° tour, we can now demonstrate the paper production process digitally, using the new production line 8 as an example,” says Joachim Uhl, Mill Director at Koehler Paper’s Kehl site.

The virtual tour through the site includes interesting facts about the paper production facility. For example, visitors find out that production line 8, which was commissioned in 2019, is used to produce the “NexFlex®” flexible packaging paper as an alternative to plastic packaging, and the environmentally friendly thermal paper “Blue4est®,” which is used for applications such as till receipts.

Navigating during the virtual tour

To look around during the 360° tour, visitors simply need to move the mouse while keeping the left button held down. The white markers on the floor help to navigate through the production halls. Visitors can access the next point in the tour either using the white markers on the floor or via the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Along the way through the production facility, you will find info points—marked with an “i”—which link to additional information, images, or videos.

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