Wind Farm Wetzlar-Blasbach: Successful delivery of large components

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The spectacular transportation of a total of six rotor blades from the loading site in Fellinghausen to the planned wind farm in Blasbach began in the last few weeks. The 75-meter-long rotor blades were transported using so-called self-propelled vehicles. These are special vehicles which, thanks to complex technology, can turn the component and tilt it up to 60 degrees in order to transport the long component through the sometimes narrow roads and hairpin bends on the transport route. The self-propelled vehicles were driven by two highly experienced specialists who had already transported hundreds of rotor blades.

The weather determines construction progress

The rotor blades were initially all stored temporarily in a prepared area at the entrance to the wind farm. As soon as the construction of the towers is completed, they are transported from there to the final location of the wind turbines on low-loaders. The rotor blades are then pulled up individually using a special crane and connected to the hub. The further course of the work on site is heavily dependent on the upcoming weather conditions. Wind conditions in particular play a decisive role in the handling of the large components. If everything goes according to plan, the turbines should be completed by the end of the year.