Shaping the Future with Paper and Renewable Energy:
Sustainability as a Corporate Strategy

The Koehler Group
Takes Responsibility

Sustainability as part of the corporate strategy? At the Koehler Group that’s not enough for us. We’ve been ahead of the curve for a long time and use sustainability as the basis for our entire corporate strategy.

This approach is literally part of our DNA, since we have been making decisions as a family-run Group for the benefit of subsequent generations for 215 years now. We always take ecological, social, but also economic interests into consideration - because you can’t have one without the other.

Over eight generations, our name has been synonymous with responsible action - not only towards the environment and society, but also towards customers, suppliers, and employees. We are guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals in this.

We Take Sustainability


Visionary in climate protection

The Koehler Group has been pioneering renewable energy and climate protection for over 20 years now. In the face of rising energy costs, energy shortages, and climate change, our investments are already proving a significant advantage. Whether it’s electricity, steam, or heat. Whether it’s wind farms, hydroelectric power plants, photovoltaic systems, biomass fuel, or waste heat from production: We are reducing our emissions in order to protect our climate and create a secure energy supply for the future. In doing so, we are working towards a clearly defined goal that goes far beyond self-sufficiency: By 2030, we will be generating more energy from renewable sources with our own plants than we need for our paper production.

Pioneers in Resource Efficiency

As a paper producer and sustainable energy generator, we are tapping into new synergies and constantly improving our resource efficiency. An example of this is how we handle our waste material: A large proportion of this is reused—such as waste wood for the sustainable generation of electricity, steam, and heat. We are also reducing the water quantities used in paper production and adhere to the highest possible standards in our wastewater treatment. By strictly complying with the thresholds for emissions and noise, we are protecting the neighborhoods in the immediate proximity of our production facilities as well as the atmosphere as a whole. And since genuinely environmentally friendly production also includes logistics, we prefer to transport our raw materials and goods by water and rail.

Successful, Future-proof Products

Innovative paper products play a key role in the Koehler Group. Every product is developed with continuous and sustainable growth, our ambitious climate target and the requirement of recyclability in mind. Each of our innovations is based on the principles of sustainable development. All products in our extensive portfolio are harmless, recyclable, or even biodegradable. We are clearly on the right track here, given that we are global market leaders with some of our products.

Renewable Raw Materials from Responsible Sources

Sustainable products require sustainable supply chains. That’s why we source our fiber pulp exclusively from certified sustainable and controlled sources. Sustainable forestry and plantation management go hand in hand with species protection. A large proportion of our retail sales are subject to the EcoVadis Gold Standard or an equivalent Supplier Code of Conduct. In doing so, we put the principles in place for our suppliers and guarantee high social and environmental standards along the supply chain. The recyclability of our paper products also contributes to sustainability: The high quality of our virgin fiber papers enables the production of high-quality paper products even in their second life—on the basis of recycled paper.

People Key to Success

Promoting health and well-being, educational excellence, and targeted measures to promote diversity: Here at the Koehler Group, we offer a wide variety of opportunities for our employees to become part of our sustainability strategy—and therefore give our collaboration a deeper meaning. Shaping a positive future for our environment, our society, and our company.

Thinking beyond the boundaries of our own company is crucial for sustainability.

Thinking beyond the boundaries of our own company is crucial for sustainability.

Jens Kriete

Sustainability Manager

of the Koehler Group

for a Good Climate:
Our Targets

Sustainability Report Sustainability Report

more energy will be generated from renewable sources with our own plants than is needed for our paper production by 2030.

0 %

Reduction of Koehler Group’s Scope 1 greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2030 in comparison to 2022.

0 %

Reduction of Koehler Group’s Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by 100%, in comparison to 2022.

0 Mio.

Euros invest into converting the heat power plant at our Oberkirch location to biomass.

Sustainability Report

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Jens Kriete

Sustainability Manager of the Koehler Group

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