Sustainability Strategy 2030

Our Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Although the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are first and foremost intended for nation-states, we at the Koehler Group firmly believe that it is also our responsibility to help make the SDGs a reality. That is why we have identified ten of the seventeen UN goals as areas where we think we can make a contribution to sustainable development, both today and in the future.

We are visionaries when it comes to climate change mitigation and accordingly have ambitious climate action goals – while still being realistic. For instance, we had previously included goal 13, Climate Action, in the aforementioned areas. However, as we took a closer look, we realized that we would be unable to make a significant contribution as a company, and that countries were really the ones that had to pick up the slack in that area. However, our climate change mitigation activities do help with goal 7, Affordable and Clean Energy.

Good Health and Well-Being

Our employees benefit from comprehensive occupational health management. We develop and produce products that are harmless to health in order to contribute to preventive health protection. Moreover, we have low-emission production processes and continue to reduce our emissions wherever possible and advisable.

Quality Education

We are certified as a BEST PLACE TO LEARN® in our role as a training provider and offer comprehensive HR development opportunities. Sustainable development is one of the topics covered in our energy and environmental training offerings.

Gender Equality

No one should be discriminated against, harassed, or ostracized on account of their race, ethnicity, sex, religion, ideology, a disability, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We comply with all the provisions in the German General Act on Equal Treatment. Diversity and equal rights are something we strive toward and actively promote.

Clean Water and Sanitation

We have effective wastewater treatment plants and make sure to be careful when using and handling water and critical substances. We have a high degree of recycling, effective hydroelectric power plants, and dams with fish ladders, and participate in adopt-a-creek programs. We are planning to expand the wastewater treatment plant at our Kehl mill and collect and use rainwater at a number of Koehler Renewable Energy sites.

Affordable and Clean Energy

We are visionaries when it comes to climate change mitigation. With Koehler Renewable Energy, we produce renewable energy for our processes and external customers. We have set up a clear climate strategy roadmap that we are following consistently. Our energy management helps us achieve high levels of efficiency. As a member of “Modellfabrik Papier,” we are coming up with solutions for climate-neutral paper production. We continue to push the innovative use of biomass forward, namely with the sawdust cogeneration plant at our Greiz mill. With Koehler Renewable Energy, we are increasingly expanding our biomass portfolio with wind and solar power projects.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our supply chain promotes the creation of value in rural regions. We develop new products and markets, build solid partnerships, and decouple growth from emissions this way. Compensation is based on pay scales and we rarely hire temporary workers. We drive product and process innovations – particularly in regard to circular value chains – in such a way that we can create greater value with fewer primary raw materials.

Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

We continuously invest in our production facilities. We work with associations in order to ensure that Germany remains a viable industrial hub. We drive product and process innovations in which alliances with external partners and scientific institutions play an important role.
We develop intermodal logistic solutions on roads, rails, and water.

SDG 12
Responsible Consumption and Production

Our products are recyclable. With our NexFlex® products, we offer a material for effective and recyclable packaging solutions. With Blue4est®, we offer preventive consumer protection. The recycled paper from our Greiz location is an example of upcycling. We use our PCC1 system at the Kehl mill to produce designer pigments that are then used as a raw material in our products. We make it possible to use waste in order to produce thermal energy. We are working on third-generation biogenic substances for coating materials.

SDG 14
Life below Water

With our new NexFlex® products, we offer an alternative solution for reducing the use of plastic. With our effective wastewater treatment plants, we are minimizing our footprint.

SDG 15
Life on Land

With supply chains certified in conformity with FSC®2 and PEFC3 Chain of Custody, we support sustainable forestry and plantation management. In addition, we take local measures to strive towards this goal. By using low-grade biomass to produce thermal energy, we boost the creation of value in the regions we operate.